About Us

SB Advisory was founded on 4 core areas of expertise that support any business:

SB Advisory – The business landscape is changing and that brings both challenges and opportunities. We understand the complexities of these changes and the impact they have on your business. SB Advisory provides a dynamic team who are experienced in working closely with CEOs and business owners. Helping to navigate pivot and growth challenges in a collaborative and balanced manner. Through thought leadership, analysis and expertise we help keep our clients ahead of market fluctuations. Whether your organization is small or large our structured approach builds the internal structures organizations need to last.

As business becomes more virtual and remote, the ability for organizations to effectively operate in this environment will determine future success. SB Advisory is structured to deliver the services you need when you need them.

46 Years of Service Integrity

SB Advisory was established in 1974. With 46 years of excellent customer services and integrity, we are evolving with today’s business environment and recognized the need to offer more flexible accounting and business support solutions. SB Advisory services was established to deliver these solutions to businesses in need of customized programs for dynamic times. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

Leadership Team

Ramki Balakrishnan | CPA, CMA, CA(ICAI), Cert. Ecom, B.com, CEO
President & CEO, SB Advisory Services

Ramki is well known for his proven track record in turning around businesses and make them valuable. He has been advising CEOs on corporate performance, mergers and acquisitions, strategy planning and management, change management, finance, sales operations management and corporate software solutions for over 21 years.

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