Financial And Strategy Advice (CFO)

Virtual CFO

Growth-oriented companies require on-demand services adapted to growth over time. Fractional CFO services are an ideal way to acquire the expertise of a CFO without taking on full-time payroll costs. A “crawl, walk and run” allows organizations the flexibility to grow without over-extending early on. Your CFO will provide the financial management and strategy you require to respond to changing market conditions.

By allowing CEOs, managers and business owners the time and freedom to focus on leadership and their teams a fractional CFO provides the guidance, counsel and support to steer your organization to financial success. Your Fractional CFO is a trusted advisor with the role of helping your organization optimize costs vs returns, channel cash and improve ROE while you embrace growth in the long run.

SB Advisory’s dynamic team is experienced working closely with CEOs taking a collaborative approach to helping companies turn around in a balanced manner. Whether your organization is small or large, a not-for-profit or highly profitable, we take a structured approach inbuilding organizations from the inside out built for long-term success.

Functions a Fractional CFO provides include:

  • Consolidation of Financial Statements
  • ERP implementation advice
  • Budgets, Forecasts, Re-Forecasts, Waterfalls
  • Key Performance Indicators design for improving productivity
  • Capacity planning
  • Design Compensation including commissions
  • Strategic and Operations Management
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Structure Planning
  • Business Process Improvement (BPI)